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Welcome on my site.
I will introduce my self, I am Kim Huybregts
and I live in Zevenbergen (Brabant) together with my friend
Rene and our 3 Maine Coon female cats.

I love Fantasy, as you can see the style of my site.
This year 2008 I start my little cattery, Coontopia's,
For a few years I went already with my parents to shows who have also a Maine Coon cattery
Van het Zwaanegat, so I was already in love with the Maine Coons.
In March 2007 I got my first Coon from a litter from my parents, and later that year
in December I got my second one from a friendly cattery.
But once you started you want more, so in March this year I bought number three.
It is a real addiction you start to collect them.
I love the caracter of the Maine Coon, sweet, playfull and they love to cuddle.
Enough about my, please take a look on my site.